America’s favorite foods are made from powdered cheese. On a regular basis, families come together to enjoy Kraft Mac and Cheese for dinner. Nacho Cheese Doritos and Cheetos Cheese Puffs are a staple snack for every good party. But powdered cheese goes much deeper than the dinner table, and boasts a unique and international history.


First, how is powdered cheese produced? Powdered Cheese is used is made by heating and melting regular cheese, then adding emulsifying salts. This preserves the cheese so it will not spoil, yet preserves a flavor to its full delicious intensity.


Powdered cheese is used for a wide range of well-loved products, like Kraft Mac and Cheese, cheese puffs, nacho cheese Doritos, Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Tacos, and more.


Historically, Marco Polo reportedly encountered the first recorded type of powdered milk in thirteenth-century Mongolia, although the first patent for spray drying wasn’t awarded until 1872, and then manufactured shortly after Kraft’s development of processed cheese in the 1920s.


During World War II, spray-drying made its grand premiere. This method began being used in eggs, ice cream, and all sorts of cheese products. This was a manner of preserving cheese solids in which natural cheese would not preserve well so that the soldiers would still be able to consumer cheese. Over time, package macaroni and cheese became a key part of the soldiers’ diet.


Immediately following this, numerous companies starting to pioneer the path for cheese powders. In 1951, Christian Jensen, the factory manager of a Danish company, Lactosan, began to experiment with melted cheese and industrial spray-dryers. This resulted in the form of modern cheese powder that the world knows and loves today.


In the United States, however, Commercial Creamery claims that they manufactured cheese powders over sixty years ago, contesting with Lactosan.


Today, powdered cheese options continue to expand and improve. There are numerous expanding options of powdered cheese all with different features and flavors. The cheesiest is a powder made solely of cheese and emulsifying salts, rendering it with a relatively low moisture percentage. There are also enzyme-modified cheeses, which have extremely concentrated flavors, up to twenty times that of average cheese.


In terms of products circulating today, other than Kraft Mac and Cheese, Doritos Nacho Cheese and Cheetos Puffs are two of the best known. They are both a much higher quantity of cheddar cheese than expected, with cheddar cheese fifth on the ingredient label for Doritos.


Powdered cheese has evolved throughout time, both in terms of finding ways to maximize flavor and expanding options. If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that it will remain a product that the world knows and loves.