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Bluegrass Dairy and Food is a leading supplier of specialized dairy powders and other food ingredients. With facilities in both Glasgow and Springfield, Kentucky, as well as our own distribution center, we handle formulation and production end-to-end to meet the needs of our customers.

We offer an extensive line of hundreds of products such as:

Cheese powders
Cream powders
Butter powders
Creamers and shortening powders
Specialty powders
Other dairy products


Bluegrass Dairy and Food was cofounded by Billy Joe and Debbie Williams back in 1995 and we have operated out of central Kentucky for over 22 years. With vertically integrated manufacturing operations across our facilities, we have grown to serve as a “one-stop shop” for our customers, producing a wide range of value-added products for dozens of food and drink applications. We are proud to serve local and international buyers.

At Bluegrass Dairy and Food, we’ve made it a point to only convert raw milk and other raw materials to produce our wide range of intermediate, shelf-stable dairy goods. Our cheese powders and other dairy value-added powders are used by food manufacturers in applications ranging from sauce mixes and seasoning blends to desserts and bakery mixes. We have won over a dozen awards for the high quality of our products and the overall impact of our business on our community.

Our Capabilities

With our SQF-certified facilities and in-house laboratory and equipment, we are able to meet both production and service needs for others. We currently offer box, tower, roller and rotary drying, as well as extensive dry or liquid blending capabilities.

We frequently work alongside our customers to help develop new products for them, whether we are matching existing products or starting from scratch. Our pilot facility allows us to produce samples without a full scale production run, so that our customers can figure out exactly what they are looking for.

We’re always seeking out opportunities to grow our business and collaborate with other leaders in the industry. Representatives of the Bluegrass Dairy and Food team regularly attend events hosted by organizations such as the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), the Snack Food Association, and the American Dairy Products Institute.

Additionally, as a family-oriented business, we’re dedicated to providing great service on all fronts — so we host lots of company events to reward our staff for their hard work and bring them closer together. We are proud to collaborate each and every day on making Bluerass Dairy and Food the premier choice for food manufacturers worldwide.

This blog will focus on what’s new internally at Bluegrass Dairy and Food, as well as our schedule for appearing at industry trade shows and conferences around the United States. Stay tuned!

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